Smart Touch switch(Wi-Fi) for Curtains


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Let your electric curtains become smart immediately. Buy our Smart Touch switch(Wi-Fi) for Curtains!


 It has three working modes that meet the needs of different application scenarios. Remote, timing, voice control, smart scenes, and other functions are  available as well. It ensures a safer and more reliable product. The 2-Gang detects voltage, current, and power values and counts the power consumption for you independently to allow for reasonable energy consumption control.


You can check real time power consumption and summarise power consumption.It provides Change Button Name and Icon facility, Set the switch button icon and name on a one switch app, Synchronise to switch automatically. 







Each Smart Touch switch for curtain  can automatically network with each other, which is stable and reliable and never offline.Using the global original scan code configuration, only one key to scan code provides complete configuration, simple operation, stability and reliability.




The Smart Touch switch for curtain  has LCD Touch Screen Functionality,The Smart Switch can be used as either one of 5 different switches: 1 gang / 2 gang / 3 gang / Curtain switch / Scene function. Users can create a scene in the one switch App, one scene is mainly used to control multiple switches( switch can be arbitrarily added to a scene ), scene functions need to be added on the App. The advantage of the scene function is that you can control all the switches with one click.




To save energy, the switch turns to standby mode automatically with the screen light dimmed to the setting level.In the Night Mode,the LED backlight around the frame will be turned off.You can check real time power consumption and summarised power consumption.It provides Change Button Name and Icon facility, Set the switch button icon and name on a smart living app, Synchronise to switch automatically. Easy to find out the right light and control.Replace the traditional switch which uses a sticker to identify the button




Anytime anywhere, Control the Smart Home Switch through one switch App.ControlSmart Touch switch for curtain through your voice with Siri, Alexa Echo and Google Home.This Smart Touch switch for curtain is Easy to install. For installation Neutral wire is required, standard wall plate size. No need to understand complex switch, wiring or master vs auxiliary switch configurations; you can easily install step by step. It also Needs Wi-Fi connection to install.




Make your home smart with the Smart Touch switch for curtain. We try our best to gain customers’ satisfaction.And customer satisfaction is our first priority and we provide 24 hour online response, and effective communication is what is promised to you.We provide a 30 days replacement or risk-free refund for this product. If you are unsatisfied with our products or service, just feel free to contact us.


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